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Hello, we’re Lindi & David, professional photographers from Gothenburg.
We photograph humans, no matter their background.

About us

We are Lindi and David, professional photographers from Budapest. We’ve been living in Gothenburg since January 2022.
We love to shoot weddings, portraits, and family photos.
We speak some Swedish, but our photoshoots are primarily in English for the time being.

What do we love?

We love a great story, nice people, beautiful landscapes, lights, traveling, botanical gardens, abandoned places, cats, dogs, all kinds of animals, LGBTQ+ people, cishets, activists, and everyone who is fighting for their dreams – just like we do.

Why did we move to Sweden?

We believe that everyone has a culture that resonates with their personality and a cultural mindset that they can identify with. For us, it is Sweden because of its endless open-mindedness and acceptance, the constant strive for equality, and the respect for nature. We feel that our values and principles are one with that of the Swedish people, and we are confident that we could add and contribute to the common goal here.

What do we work with?

We’re using professional-grade cameras to deliver the best possible results. We also have a 4K professional drone at our disposal, opening up new perspectives and showing a unique mood. We’re passionate about analog photography; if you want to have timeless prints of your special occasion, contact us, and we’ll get in touch.
Our base of operations is Gothenburg, Sweden, but we’re happy to travel anywhere to take the most important pictures of your life.

How do we work?

When taking photos, we’re always looking for unique perspectives and new ideas. We’re open to any creative input; we’re happiest when we can make your ideas come to life.
If you’re looking for more conservative photos, don’t fret! Let’s meet for a fika, and we’re sure we can make our visions meet.

Our mission

We’ve been working with several nonprofit organizations, shooting promotional videos and documenting their events for free because supporting their causes is very important to us, and we’re glad that we could help them get more publicity. Our partners include Magyar Kétfarkú KutyapártAge of Hope FoundationBudapest Pride, and noÁr.

Send us a message!

We’d be happy to get to know you and help your ideas come to life.
Get in contact with us now, and let’s get some fika together!

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